Apple says it’ll make Xbox One headsets compatible with XBOX ONE

Apple has said it will make the Xbox One compatible with its own headset and it won’t require a third-party app.

The announcement came during Apple’s annual Worldwide Developers Conference keynote on Monday in San Francisco.

In a post on the company’s developer portal, a spokesperson said Apple is working with XBox to create a “virtual reality headset” that will “enable people to experience the full power of the Apple XBox One system.”

Apple said that while the headset is not “required” for the device, it will be an integral part of the device.”XBOX ONE will not require a virtual reality headset.

XBOX users can choose to connect their XBOX One to a second device using the XBOX LIVE app, or to use an Xbox 360 or PS3 controller, or use another VR device,” the spokesperson wrote.”

Users can then use the headset with any Xbox One system, including PS4 and Xbox One consoles.”

In addition to the headset, the spokesperson said, the company will also release a “special edition” headset that will include a “new 360° camera” and “a unique power charging pad” that is also included with the headset.

The spokesperson also said that XBOX and Apple are “working together to create new VR experiences for the XBox ONE system.”

The company has been working to develop its own VR headset for the Xbox, which it unveiled in November, but the headset has been plagued by issues and has yet to ship.

The company recently announced it would add a second controller to the Xbox in October, but it’s unclear whether that controller would be compatible with the new Xbox headset.