HyperX announces new $249 headset with Razer-branded stand

The Oculus Rift headset is getting a brand new stand.

The HyperX HyperX 980 Ti is a high-end headset that looks great, but its specs aren’t quite as impressive as the Rift’s.

HyperX unveiled its first ever HyperX 1080 Ti in March, but it’s not a high quality headset.

The 1080 Ti is an extremely high-quality headset with a higher price tag.

The company has a few other headsets under its belt that will be available at launch, but the HyperX 1070 Ti is the first to ship with Razer’s new headset.

Hyperx says it will sell the headset for $249, or about $1,200 more than the Rift.

It’s a great headset, but I wish it had a bigger stand.

It has a lot of ports on it.

If I wanted a better-looking VR headset, I’d pick the Razer Rift instead.

The Rift is a premium headset, with a high price tag and a long list of compromises.

But I wish HyperX could offer a good VR headset.

I’d be interested to see what Razer can come up with in the future.