PS5 wireless gaming headset to be released in Australia

The PS5 Wireless Gaming Headset will be released to the Australian market, according to Sony, after a trial run in the US.

The device will be available in three models: the “PS5 Wireless Headset” for $129.99, the “Ultra Wireless Headlet” for about $149.99 and the “Vivaldi Wireless Head” for roughly $149,990.

The PlayStation 5 Wireless Headphone will also be available for $299.99.

Sony’s online PlayStation Store will be offering a $40 PS5 headset coupon code.

“The PS5 Mobile Gaming Headphones, with their wireless technology, offer gamers the flexibility to seamlessly switch between the two headsets,” said Sony Australia Director of Product Marketing, Dan Crouch.

It is also worth noting that this is a trial trial run, so no guarantee the final model will be the same.