Razer pink headset with Oculus Rift is launching next month

By Jon Herskovitz | USA, New York – Razer, the maker of the Razer BlackWidow, is launching a new headset for its $300 Oculus Rift headset next month, the company announced.

Razer said the headset will launch on Feb. 22 and that it will cost $299.

Razer said it plans to ship the headset around the same time as the Oculus Rift, but the company didn’t say when that might be.

Raiden BlackWIDOW is a reference headset to the company’s previous Oculus Rift-branded headset.

It is currently available for preorder at the Razer store in New York.

Rights group Free Speech Coalition, which filed a complaint against Razer for discrimination against transgender women and women of color in January, has said it is planning to launch a lawsuit against Razer.

RazrRazer announced earlier this year that it would discontinue its Oculus Rift gaming headsets, which the company said had a high failure rate, as well as its Rift-based gaming accessories, because of the growing number of people using them for non-gaming purposes.

It has said that the problems it is facing stem from a change in the Oculus software used to create Oculus Rift software, and the headset does not support virtual reality headsets.