Razer to make a standalone gaming headset for the Mac

Razer has announced a new gaming headset with an integrated wireless charging cable.

The Razer Beexcellent will retail for €79.99 on Razer’s website, and comes with a “unique” wireless charging dock, which is intended to replace the built-in USB charging dock that was used by the Razer Blade, and will also allow you to charge the headset from your smartphone.

The Beexacts wireless charging plug will also work with a Qi-powered charging pad that will work with Razer’s new mobile charging network, as well as an NFC-enabled USB-C to USB-A cable.

“We’re very excited to bring this wireless charging adapter to the Mac, where it will work alongside Razer’s mobile charging solution,” said Rohan Varma, head of product development at Razer.

“This innovative wireless charging solution allows for fast, seamless charging between the Beexact and your Mac while maintaining the ultimate portability of a standalone Razer product.”

The Bexact wireless charging pad will also enable you to add Razer’s NFC charging pad to the Bexacts wired charging plug.

The Beexa is currently priced at €79, but the Bexa wireless charging pads will retail at €29.99.

“The RazerBeexact is a truly innovative wireless charger that will allow users to quickly and easily charge their RazerBexact with their smartphone and/or laptop.

With a dedicated USB-c to USB charging port and a unique wireless charging system, the BeXact provides the ultimate wireless charging experience for Mac users,” said Mark Gouda, senior director of consumer product at Razer in a press release.”

If you’ve ever been frustrated by the lack of charging port options for the RazerBeXact, RazerBextreme Wireless charging technology has finally been released,” added Razer.

“This wireless charging port will give users the best wireless charging experiences available on the market.”

RazerBextremes wireless charging has proven to be a powerful wireless charging technology that will help users reach their full potential in wireless charging and gaming,” said Razer.

Razer has also confirmed the availability of a new version of the Bextreme wireless charging controller, which will be available in March for €19.99, with additional features such as a “smart charging” mode.