‘We want to make sure we are taking care of our environment’: Climate change activist vows to leave fossil fuels

An environmental activist in the US state of New York has vowed to leave the coal industry and become an environmental lawyer.

Jabl said on Thursday that he was quitting coal to help fight climate change and vowed to “end fossil fuel power stations forever”.

“We want a clean, renewable energy future,” he said in a video posted on the group’s website.

“I’m an environmentalist.

I want to end fossil fuel.

I’m going to start a company called Climate Justice that will be building a clean and sustainable alternative to fossil fuel.”

Jabl, who has been campaigning against the coal plant closures, said he had been in contact with former US president Donald Trump and had been approached by representatives of the president’s administration.

Jabul also spoke at a climate summit in the United Kingdom on Thursday, and said that his plans to leave coal were not based on his personal opinions.

“It is not based of personal ideology.

It is based on science,” he told the Guardian.”

We have to start from scratch.

We have to put the planet before profit.”

Jabul said he would continue to take action to fight climate disruption, particularly by mobilising others in the fight against climate change.

“People will come together, they will take the risk, they’ll do it, they are going to do it,” he added.

“And if we can’t do it alone, we will do it together.”

Jabal’s group is campaigning to keep fossil fuels in the ground, including on land, and has been dubbed the ‘green energy revolution’. 

“If you want to be an environmental activist, join Climate Justice,” he wrote on Facebook. 

“We are here to empower you to act and we will continue to work together.

We will fight to end the environmental destruction of the world, and to prevent a new, dangerous climate catastrophe from destroying the planet.”

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