When a computer headset is smart enough to recognize you

Next BigFuture, the developer behind Avaya’s VR headset, is developing a computer-based headset that will be able to read and recognize the user’s face and even automatically take a photo of the wearer.

The software is based on a deep learning algorithm, which uses artificial intelligence and machine learning to learn the user and their body.

The team has designed a headset that is equipped with sensors that can detect the face and determine if the wearer is looking at a virtual computer screen or a real-world device.

If the wearer’s face is detected, it will automatically send a message to the device’s operating system.

The system will then ask the user to press a button to trigger the camera.

The device will then take the photo and send it to the user via Bluetooth, making the interaction between the device and the user seamless.

“The technology has the potential to revolutionize the world,” said Avaya CEO Yves Behar, adding that he hopes the device will also revolutionize social interaction.

“We’re making a headset for the 21st century.”

This story was updated to include a statement from Avaya.