When the Xbox One’s new streaming stick makes its debut, here’s what you need to know about the headset

Posted September 29, 2018 06:32:17Microsoft’s new Xbox One console, codenamed “XB1X”, is set to debut in the fall and Microsoft is launching a brand new headset for it.

We’ve got a review of the new Xbox 360 headset, which is called the G432, to show you what you should expect from the new headset.

The new headset will be available in both black and white.

It comes with an all-new design and a “lens” design that is “like a zoom lens.”

The G432 headset has two lenses, one for each eye.

The G430, which came out a couple of months ago, uses a standard “lense” design with one lens on each eye, and it is also available in black and silver.

Both of these headsets have been designed to be portable and are designed to fit in the palm of the hand.

They’re built with the same material as the Xbox 360s new Kinect sensor and have the same height and width.

They also have similar weight.

Microsoft says the G430 is a “largely waterproof” headset.

There is no water resistance in this headset, but it is made with “a lightweight plastic shell that has been designed with a strong polymer weave and a hard rubber coating for durability.”

The headset has an adjustable strap that allows you to customize the comfort level.

The G432 is made of a material called “polyurethane.”

This is a lightweight plastic that is very strong, and you can feel the weight of the G436 on your face.

The design is also very comfortable, as it is designed to “prevent a strong sensation of pressure in your eyes and ears.”

The earpieces are “plastic” that has a very soft feel, and there are three different earpads, each one designed to work with a different earphone.

The earpods are designed with earphones that have a removable plastic ring.

The headphones are also available with the ability to connect with other devices using Bluetooth, which you can find on the headset itself.

There are two types of headset.

One uses the “lenses” design, and the other uses a “micro” design.

The lenses have a lens that can attach to the headset, and that lens has two lens attachments, one with a larger lens and one with smaller lenses.

The “micro-lens,” which you may have heard of, is made for headsets with a microphone or other sensors attached.

The mic can be a speaker, an external mic, or a Bluetooth microphone.

The Xbox 360’s “lensed” design has an integrated camera and a camera that can zoom in and out.

The lens is designed with three lenses that are very wide.

This lens also has a “smaller” lens that attaches to the ear.

The size of these lenses varies from headset to headset, so if you have the “small” lens, it will be less wide than the other lenses.

There is a small, flexible cable that is attached to the headband that goes from the microphone to the microphone.

The microphone can be plugged into the headphone jack, but there is no external mic jack.

It is also connected to the “L” port on the Xbox controller, which can be used to play games or to power up the console.

The controller has two buttons on the back of the controller, “Xbox Up” and “Xbox Down.”

The Xbox Up button is a push-button, and if you press it, it launches the Xbox app.

The Xbox Down button is on the side of the headset that’s facing the controller.

The headphones that come with the headset can be attached to other devices via Bluetooth, but the earphones are not.

The headset itself can also be plugged in to another device using Bluetooth.

Microsoft is aiming to sell these new headsets at a price point that is cheaper than the $399 price point for the Xbox 720, but that is not an official Xbox launch price.

The company is selling them as a standalone product for $299, though.

The first headset will go on sale this fall, but Microsoft has a lot more to announce about the new “Xbox” next month.

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