Why VR headsets aren’t ready for the mainstream, but can be used for fun

Valve is launching a VR headset for kids this fall.

Called the ValveVR, it’s a little-known product that’s being made by a group of students in Santa Cruz, California.

And it’s an interesting first step.

The company says that the headset is built using a low-cost design that’s made with high-quality materials.

The headset is designed to be used with games, such as Minecraft.

The kids at Santa Cruz University of Technology are also testing out the VR headset in their school.

Valve says that it has built the headset for ages 12 and up and it’s already seen the biggest interest from kids.

The VR headset comes with a VR controller for kids, as well as a microphone and speakers.

The device can be controlled using your smartphone or tablet, but you’ll need to use your own phone.

This is important, because the device will be able to be connected to a TV using HDMI cable, or it can be connected wirelessly to the internet via Bluetooth, so it can work with a TV.

The ValveVR uses an accelerometer to track your body movements, but the team says that that tracking doesn’t include your head movement.

Instead, it uses facial recognition to identify the person who’s using the headset.

The team is also working on a camera system that can be placed on the headset, and they say that the device can detect your gaze and even adjust its position.

Valve has already made an Android app that lets you download the headset and start playing Minecraft with your friends.

This isn’t Valve’s first foray into virtual reality.

They have a Minecraft app for kids and they also have an Oculus app for adults.

Valve’s announcement on the Valve VR site reads: “We’ve created the ultimate gaming experience with ValveVR VR.

With the world’s most affordable, next-generation VR headset, you’ll feel the difference right away.

Designed with kids in mind, the Valve is the perfect headset for your kid to play with or play against the virtual world.

This game will help you make friends, learn skills, and explore.

It’s the best way to play Minecraft!”

You can watch a video of the headset being used in a Minecraft game below: