Apple TV: Apple TV owners can now connect to their gaming network with a gaming headset

Apple has introduced a new version of its iOS 9 game streaming service, allowing gamers to connect to a gaming network without leaving the app.

Users can download the Apple TV app for iOS 9.2, which will be available for the next few days, to use the new feature.

The feature, which allows users to connect directly to their game network, was added in the last release of the iOS 9 software update.

The new Apple TV software update introduces the ability to connect via a gaming device to an Apple TV.

This is useful for connecting to gaming networks with an AppleTV as this allows for multiple simultaneous games on the same device.

If a user wants to connect a game to a game network on another device, they simply need to set the device as a game client.

This feature works across the entire iOS 9 operating system, with no configuration required on a device.

Users who already own an Apple tv can install the iOS software update for free on their device, but for those who don’t own an apple tv, they will need to upgrade to the next version of the software update to get the new features.

Users with an existing Apple TV may need to buy a new one if they plan to upgrade later.

The company said that the new software update supports up to three simultaneous games simultaneously, and that players can stream up to 30 games at a time.

This new AppleTV support will be included in the next iOS 9 update, which is expected to arrive in the coming weeks.

The iOS 9 streaming feature has been added to the app as part of the AppleTV software update, but the company has not yet announced which games will be supported.

Apple TV streaming was a feature that Apple introduced with the Apple Watch earlier this year, and was first added to other Apple devices in October 2017.

The Apple TV’s Apple TV Streaming app allows users and Apple TV game servers to stream games directly from the Apple devices to a device, without needing to be connected to a dedicated AppleTV game server.

Users will need an Apple Watch or iPhone to stream from a game server to the Apple TVs.