How to make VR goggles that look real

The next big VR headset could be made by making one thing easy: a virtual head.

A new startup called VRGoggles is making the next-generation headset from scratch, and it’s taking on the big headset game.

In a video from the company’s announcement event, co-founder and CEO Matt Kibbs talks about the company making the first ever VR goggles to look and feel like the real thing.

“It’s going to be the first headset that you can buy, which means you can do everything that you could do in the real world,” Kibb says in the video.

“And it will look like you’re wearing the real headset.”

VRGigs headset is made with the latest and greatest in tech to make sure that the experience of using it is just as immersive as you would get from wearing a real headset.

The company says it’s also able to create a virtual world where your head can move.

Kibs also says that the goggles are more comfortable than wearing a headset and are a better way to play games than a typical headset.

“If you’re in a game, you don’t want to look at the game screen, so you don: you’re just sitting there looking at your head.

But you have this virtual reality thing that you put on, and that’s what you’re looking at,” Kiberbs says.

VRGables will only be available in the United States.

The VR goggles are still a work in progress, but it looks like Kibss’ vision is pretty ambitious.

We can’t wait to try them out.

Development Is Supported By

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