Microsoft, Sony, and Oculus: The Best and Worst of 2016

Microsoft has been trying to make its virtual reality headset, the Microsoft HoloLens, a serious contender for the big-screen throne, but the company has also struggled to figure out how to get the device to work in virtual reality headsets.

Last week, the company announced a partnership with a Chinese startup called Xinghua VR that plans to make a $1,000 headset that would let users “visually explore the world in 360 degrees.”

The company also announced that it was acquiring Oculus, a company that makes its own headsets that are aimed at gaming, for $2 billion.

But the company hasn’t been able to bring the HoloLens to market.

And today, a new video from The Verge suggests that the company is looking to solve this problem.

In the video, titled “How we built the HoloChips first-ever VR headset,” an employee of the company says that they are currently trying to get hardware to work with HoloLens.

The Verge says that the employee’s voice is clearly audible.

The video goes on to describe how they “brought a bunch of VR headset components together to create a modular and custom-built HoloCocks VR headset” that will work with Oculus’ VR software.

The company is also working on an “imported VR headset called HoloCock,” which will be the first headset to support the HoloLenses hardware.

The employee who appears in the video also mentions that the HoloCs will come with an app for “virtual reality.”

The Verge has reached out to Microsoft for comment on this story.