PlayStation Wireless headset for gamers with a new price tag

On the heels of the launch of the PlayStation VR, a new headset has been launched for gamers.

The PSW, as it is referred to, is the latest in a line of PlayStation VR headsets that includes the Sony Alpha A1.

The PlayStation VR has sold out at Amazon in the US, with the headset selling out on the official PlayStation Store in Japan.

The headset will be priced at US$799, or £599.99.

The new headset is a wireless headset which will be compatible with a variety of different VR headsets.

The main difference between the PlayStation 4 Pro and the PSW is that the former is able to use an external wireless headset, whereas the latter is not.

The Playstation VR will be launching in April in the United States, and will be available for purchase starting from March 15 in Europe.