The Ultimate Guide to The Best Gaming Headphones For 2018

Logitech is set to launch its new X1 gaming headset in the US in February.

The new headset is set for a launch at $199.99 and will be available to pre-order via the Logitech website, but is already available in Europe and Australia.

This is the first time that Logitech has made an announcement about a new gaming headset, but the company has had a long-standing partnership with Apple and the Xbox that stretches back to 2007.

It was only last year that the company started teasing its own new gaming headsets for 2018.

“Logitech’s gaming headset lineup is comprised of three key areas, and we are excited to be partnering with Xbox and Apple to bring these products to the US and other markets around the world,” Logitech said in a press release.

“The X1 will give gamers the ultimate experience with a truly immersive and portable gaming experience.”

The X2 gaming headset is expected to be announced later this year.