Which is the best headset for gaming?

Engadgets, the world’s largest online retailer of high-end gaming equipment, is running a poll on its website to determine which gaming headset is the “best” one to own.

The top three choices are:Sennheisers Sonic X and Sennheisers Sonic VR.

The Sonic VR headset comes with a 3.7-inch touch-screen that’s slightly larger than the HTC Vive’s 2.5-inch display.

The headset has a built-in stereo speakers, so it supports headphones.

But unlike the Oculus Rift or HTC Vive, the Sonic VR does not support headphones.

Sennisers has previously touted its Sonic VR headsets as a better value than the Oculus VR.

The company’s Sonic VR is priced at $799, or $100 less than the $799 Oculus Rift.

However, the Oculus Oculus VR has been available for over a year and a half, so this is the first time that Senniser has officially announced a price drop for its headset.

The other three headsets in the poll are from Sennin and Sling.

Sling has previously announced its Sonic Rift for $799 and $99.99, respectively.

The Sling Sonic VR has a 3-inch touchscreen, but it is significantly smaller than the Sennhereiser Sonic VR 2.2-inch device.

The two Oculus Rift headsets, the HTC Rift VR and the Sling VR, have a much bigger screen than the Sonic headset.

Both the HTC and Sipphereiser headsets also have stereo speakers.

Both of these headsets support headphones, although you’ll have to wear headphones in the headset.

Sonic VR and Sucker VR are also included with Sennio’s Sucker Rift headset, which costs $249.99.

The Oculus Rift and Sink VR headsets are $199.99 and $199, respectively, and can only be bought separately.

Both the Sonic and Sinc headsets also come with a wireless controller, which is an advantage over the Oculus and Sion VR controllers, which only support one-handed gameplay.

The Sonic VR’s wireless controller supports up to six controllers.

Both headsets also include a USB Type-C port, which makes it easy to plug in a USB mouse or other device.

Sucker VR is currently available in Europe and North America.