Google: I’m a big fan of Sony headset but will buy new for myself

Google is trying to win back the trust of techies and is offering to sell off its entire headset business.

The company’s CEO, Sundar Pichai, announced the move in a blog post on Wednesday and said that Google would sell the $400+ “next-generation” Gear VR headset, which has been available for purchase since February, to customers who want to buy a new device.

The Gear VR was Google’s first consumer-ready headset and was designed with the help of Oculus founder Palmer Luckey.

But the company’s recent price drop prompted an uproar among users and developers.

Google said that the Gear VR’s price will be “substantially lower” than the existing $599.99 Google Daydream View headset.

The move is a welcome move for many users who have spent years on the search giant’s website and app stores.

Google is currently selling the headset on its own website for $399.99.

It’s not clear whether the new price will affect how many people purchase the headset.

“I’m a huge fan of the Google Gear VR and have been since it was launched more than a year ago,” wrote Kevin Snyman, an analyst with Jefferies.

“However, Google is making a decision to sell the headset at a lower price, which is unfortunate.

This is a tough sell for a brand with a strong history of high-quality, affordable products.”

Pichio also said that Android will be supported on the new Gear VR.

Google’s move comes after several weeks of criticism from consumer-focused groups who said that Samsung, Sony and Apple have failed to deliver quality hardware that delivers the same level of immersion and comfort.

Oculus, the maker of the Gear, has struggled to sell Gear VRs to consumers.

Google has yet to offer a price on the headset itself.

Google hasn’t offered any official comment about the news.