How to change your headgear to make it easier to see in VR

I recently had the chance to try out the Razer Pink headset from Logitech, a Bluetooth headset designed to make wearing your face-worn headsets more comfortable.

If you’re thinking that this would make walking around easier, you’d be wrong.

The Razer Pink is a bit of a step backwards from most headsets we’ve used in the past.

You still need to wear the headset and your face to make sure you can see clearly in VR, but the Razer headset can actually tell you when it’s been wearing the headset for a while and when it needs to go to sleep.

While I had no problem wearing the Razer pink headset for about an hour before it started to become uncomfortable, I did find it a bit limiting when it came to my eyes.

If your head is too big or too small, it’ll still be hard to see well when you’re in VR.

The headset has a small circular display that looks like a normal phone screen.

I had a hard time seeing much of the screen when I was wearing the pink headset.

If that’s something you need to look out for, there’s a dedicated headset switch for the pink one that lets you toggle between the normal blue and yellow buttons.

When I turned the switch on, I could see a small red LED blinking at the bottom of the headset.

That’s when I noticed that I was able to see more of the entire headset, which was nice.

The big drawback is that it takes a while for the headset to wake up and wake up again.

It took about three to four hours to get used to.

The fact that the headset can’t wake up after three hours is a little frustrating, since it’s a pretty big problem.

You can also use your smartphone as a headset, but that can be a bit more frustrating, as the headset requires you to hold it close to your face.

The only other option for getting a VR headset that doesn’t require you to look at a screen is to simply use a headset that’s not connected to a PC.

That could work fine if you just need to put the headset on your face for some other reason, but it’s not the best solution.

I did try out both headsets for a few hours and they both worked great.

I’m glad that the Razer headsets are more affordable than they were when they first came out, and that they’re more than a step forward.

They’re also comfortable enough to wear for an hour or so without getting tired.

If I’m going to be using a headset like the Razer one for a day or two, I’m not going to feel too bad about wearing the headsets for as long as possible.