How to get your hands on an Xbox One S bundle and a wireless headset

The Xbox One is getting a big update.

Microsoft has revealed that a new Xbox One console will be available for purchase with a bundled wireless headset.

The company also announced that there will be a new cable that will allow for wireless streaming of movies, TV shows and other content.

Xbox One Wireless Headset: What you need to know about the bundle (and its price)The wireless headset comes with a wired Xbox One controller, the console itself, and a bundled cable.

Microsoft’s wired headset is priced at $299, while the wireless headset will retail for $199.

You can buy the Xbox One wireless headset on Amazon or the company’s website.

Xbox Wireless Headphones: The wireless headsets, and their priceThe Xbox One wired headset costs $199 and will ship with a wireless controller, which Microsoft says is the same one that it used for the Xbox 360.

The wireless headset is also compatible with Xbox One gamepads.

The Xbox Wireless headset will ship for $169.

If you buy the wireless Xbox One headset, Microsoft will also offer an Xbox Wireless bundle for $349, which includes an Xbox controller, a wired controller, and the headset.

This bundle will also include a wired headset.

There are no wireless wireless headset cables or adapters included with the bundle.

Xbox Kinect: The Xbox Kinect will be an optional accessory for the new wireless headset, but it won’t cost you a dime.

The new wireless console is powered by an Intel Celeron processor, so it will run at a higher resolution.

The Kinect will also come with a second camera.

The controller is built into the headset, so you won’t need to worry about connecting the controller to the Xbox console itself.

The controllers will also support voice commands.

It will cost $349 for the wireless controller and $199 for the Kinect.

Xbox Video: The new Xbox video-streaming bundle will be $50 for the wired Xbox 360 console and $59 for the bundled Xbox One.

It includes a second 360-degree camera, an Xbox 360 wireless controller with Kinect support, and an Xbox Video adapter.

The adapter will also connect to the 360-eye camera.

If the Xbox video bundle is purchased separately, it will cost a similar price.

The price for this bundle is $99.

Xbox SmartGlass: The Microsoft’s new Xbox Smartglass headset is an optional peripheral.

It connects to the Kinect, so users will be able to use voice commands to control the Xbox.

Microsoft says the Xbox Smart Glass can work with a variety of accessories, including Xbox 360 controllers and wireless speakers.

Microsoft is also working on an add-on Kinect accessory for Xbox 360 owners.

Xbox Live: The online multiplayer service will be revamped for the revamped Xbox One, which will be more like the Xbox Live Arcade service.

The online gaming service will feature two different modes: “Live Games” and “Online Games.”

The “Live Game” mode will allow players to play games that they own on Xbox Live, and will allow Xbox Live users to invite friends.

The “Online Game” feature will allow people to play multiplayer online games with friends, and allow players who don’t own an Xbox Live account to join a game.

You will be unable to play any online games on the Xbox, but you will be free to do so on other Xbox devices.

Microsoft will make the changes in the next version of Xbox Live.

The next version will also allow players with the Xbox app to share content with others on Xbox.

Xbox Fitness: The Fitness app is also getting a major update for the upcoming console.

The Fitness Center app is a hub for all your activity tracking and fitness tracking, which is a major addition to the fitness app for the next Xbox One consoles.

The app also includes a feature that will let users track their daily progress and track their steps.

Microsoft plans to launch a new fitness tracker with the next console.

There will also be an app that will provide players with a personalized workout history that will help them achieve their goals.

The workout history will be shared on Xbox’s Xbox Live social network.

Xbox Music: The Music app for Xbox One will be updated to include a redesigned Music app.

Microsoft claims that the redesigned Music experience will include an “unprecedented level of customization, and support for a broad range of music genres.”

The music experience for Xbox Music will include a curated catalog of over 200,000 songs, plus more than 2 million tracks, curated by Xbox Music’s team of creators.

Microsoft said the new Music app will support more than 1 million songs.

Xbox Photo Stream: The photo stream will be expanded with support for multiple devices.

The Photos app for Windows 10 will be re-designed to support multiple devices including cameras, smartphones, and tablets.

Microsoft also revealed that the Photos app will also work with the camera on the next generation Xbox.

Windows Hello: Microsoft’s facial recognition software for Xbox will be coming to the next