HyperX announces 3D Pulse headset x360 for PS4

HyperX announced today the PS4™ headset X360 with 3D pulse technology, a gaming headset with the potential to revolutionise the way gamers interact with 3d virtual worlds.

HyperX also announced the HyperX Pulse headset.

This headset is the first of its kind, powered by the new PS4 Pro™ and is the world’s first truly immersive headset powered by a 3D processor and a pulse technology that can produce 3D sound.

Hyperx Pulse headset will be available in November 2017 in both black and white colour variations.

It is the only headset with a 3d audio signal.

The HyperX pulse headset will feature 3D audio that is 100% immersive and will be able to deliver a unique and immersive experience to gamers.

The Pulse headset is built around the PS2™ controller with the PS3™ controller in mind.

The PS4 will be the first gaming console to offer a headset powered entirely by a PS4 controller.

This new headset will also feature a built-in microphone that will allow gamers to talk to other players.

The first HyperX headset to feature a PS3 controller is the Hyperx Pro X2, which is the latest in the Hyperxx family of headsets.