NFL owners are divided over whether to ban headsets in games

The NFL and the players union have come together to address the issue of concussion symptoms in the league.

But owners from each team are split over whether or not to ban the headsets.

The owners from Atlanta and Tampa Bay are in favor of banning headsets.

The NFL has a mandate to be safe for players and fans, and the commissioner’s office is expected to make its final decision at the end of this week.

NFL commissioner Roger Goodell told reporters on Tuesday that the league would take a look at how it was working.

“I want to see if we are doing everything we can to prevent concussions, but I don’t want to take anything away from anybody else that’s working on this problem,” Goodell said.

Some fans have voiced concerns that the headsets, which have come under scrutiny in recent weeks, have been used in a way that can cause long-term effects for the players. 

Players on the Ravens and Steelers said last month that the use of helmets has not prevented a single concussion.