The future of augmented reality is here: The Arctis3 headset from SteelSeries

Steelseries has revealed the Arctises3, its latest virtual reality headset, at the IFA trade show in Berlin.

The Arcti3 is designed to be a versatile headset that offers different types of augmented and virtual reality experiences.

It is the latest product from the company that will soon debut in a number of countries including the UK, the US and France.

The headset has a large field of view and a large range of angles, allowing users to move the virtual world around.

It also features a new touchpad that can be used to control virtual objects.

Steelseries claims that the Arces3 headset is “the most powerful virtual reality product yet created” and “the first to offer immersive augmented reality”.

The headset’s user interface is similar to that of the original Arctias, but with a few extra features.

The first is that it has a built-in microphone, which lets you talk to other people through a microphone.

You can also use a microphone to turn your head to one side to hear other users.

The second feature is the new ‘touchpad’, which allows users to interact with objects using their hands.

The Arces2 and Arctics1 also featured touchpads, but they weren’t as good as the new one.

The third feature is that the headset has four lenses, instead of three.

The new one has three lenses, but only one lens for each eye.

The fourth feature is a pair of high-definition lenses, which allows the user to “focus” on virtual objects with the other three lenses.

It is also possible to make your own virtual environment.

You don’t need to buy a headset to create a custom environment.

Instead, you can download an ARCSight application from the Steam Store that allows you to create your own VR game.

The latest version of Arcties 3 also has a VR mode, which uses a new technology called “collide tracking”.

This allows the system to track a player’s position in the virtual environment, which helps to avoid motion sickness.

This is similar, but not identical to the HTC Vive’s ‘head tracking’.

Arctis’ new head tracking is still in development, so you can expect more updates from the product.

The company has already said that the company will introduce a VR-ready version of the Arcs3 in the near future.

Steerseries says the Arcos3 headset will cost €99, which includes an Oculus Rift and a Vive.