Nintendo’s Astro is a Killer-Ready Gaming Headset

Posted January 10, 2020 07:29:46While it may be no secret that Nintendo is making some big changes to its handheld gaming consoles in the next year or so, there’s still plenty of room for a few other big name brands to make an impact. 

The Switch, for example, is a hardware powerhouse, boasting an Nvidia Titan X GPU and a whopping 8GB of RAM to boot.

But for some reason, the console doesn’t have a built-in sound system like the PS4 or Xbox One do. 

With a built in sound system, a lot of games would get played without a microphone, which makes the Switch a pretty powerful device.

It also doesn’t come with a dedicated microphone for sound, which is a huge advantage for portable gaming.

But what if Nintendo decided to put some of the power and performance of its own Astro into its gaming handheld?

That could be the most powerful gaming headset on the market, and it’d be awesome. 

If you’ve never played the Astro before, it’s an audio headset made for portable use, with a pair of earphones and a microphone that doubles as a headphone jack.

Its been around since the early ’90s, and the Astro is a pretty standard gaming headset.

The headset is a bit bigger than the ones we typically see on consoles, but it’s a surprisingly small package.

It weighs about the same as a USB headset, and has a 3.5mm jack, which means you can plug in any USB audio source.

The headset comes in a pair, which includes a microphone and earphones.

The headphones come in pairs, too, but the earphones are the only ones we’ll be testing.

The Astro’s main gaming features are a pair the headset comes with a microphone for voice chat, a pair that comes with earphones, and a headphone that can be paired to your PS4 and Xbox One.

We’ll be looking to test these on both consoles, as they’re different types of headphones.

The audio system is pretty standard, with speakers that emit a clear, loud sound, and two microphone types.

We have to say, though, that we found the earpieces and microphone to be a bit awkward, as you can’t just use them as headphones to your headset without getting a little close.

The microphone is good for just one speaker, but since the headphones are attached to the headset, they’ll be a pain to use with other headphones.

One thing the headset lacks in versatility, though it makes up for with audio quality.

Its speakers are built to take the best audio from any PC and convert it to a pair on the go.

We didn’t find that this was a problem when it comes to listening to music, but for movies and videos, you’ll need a decent pair of headphones to get the best quality.

The headphones themselves are pretty good, too.

We liked the fact that the headset has a built into them, but they don’t sound as good as we’d hoped for, even with the earphone included.

The microphone on the other hand, is what really made the Astrotime unique.

While the headset is supposed to work with headphones, the microphone works with just about anything, and is perfect for games.

That means you’ll be able to record your gameplay without worrying about it being muted, or your microphone going silent.

The biggest problem with the Astroposts microphone is that you need to get up close to your mic, and put your ear to it to hear the sounds.

We found it hard to hear a lot without a headset, so you’ll have to try this out on your own to see if you can make out the sounds of a game.

As with any gaming headset, it comes with two battery options, but these aren’t as good.

They come in a battery pack that’s small enough to fit inside a phone case, and come in two sizes: a standard battery pack and a smaller one for gaming.

We were able to get two battery packs for the Astro, but only one battery pack for the Astrolab.

The Astro’s main feature is that it comes equipped with a built, dual-band wireless audio adapter.

It’s the same wireless audio technology found in the PS3, PS4, and Xbox 360, and we liked that this included in the headset.

It can connect to most of the same devices that we use on PC, but with a wireless audio solution that works with headphones.

This is where the Astro’s biggest weakness comes in.

The Astro’s wireless audio is good, but doesn’t really do anything to solve the problem of getting the best out of your headset when it’s paired with a device that can’t hear you, and doesn’t work with games that aren’t on a dedicated audio system.

We don’t recommend using this with a gaming headset unless you want to