PS4 Pro Beats headphones review

Sony has announced the latest addition to its Beats wireless headphones line with the PlayStation 4 Pro.

The headphones, which feature a pair of wireless wireless charging pads and a large battery, have a 5.5mm audio jack that will allow users to plug their phones in.

The pads are also rechargeable via USB-C, making them compatible with a range of compatible phones.

The headphones come in a black and grey colour scheme that is similar to the Beats’ previous Beats X series of wireless headphones.

The PS4 Pros new headphones are powered by the company’s new Lightning-A port.

The company’s Lightning port, which is a standard USB-A, will allow devices like smartphones and tablets to be charged via Lightning to the PS4.

The headset will also come in black and red colours, similar to Beats X headphones.

The PS4 is expected to launch later this month.

The new headphones will be sold as part of the new PlayStation Experience, which Sony is calling the ‘world’s first consumer electronics show’.

Sony also announced that it will be launching a new gaming console, the PS5, at CES 2017.