Walmart to add wireless computer headset to the line-up

AUSTIN — WalMart Stores Inc. said Wednesday it is launching a line of wireless computers and headset for the retailer’s customers in response to the recent spate of injuries in which people were injured when their smartphones and other devices collided with other vehicles.

The Walmart line will include a $99 headset, according to a statement from the company, and includes the following:A $199 wireless headset that is capable of transmitting a sound similar to a cellphone signal that is similar to wireless headphones.

A $99 wireless headset with the ability to transmit sound similar for wireless headphones to a wireless phone or other wireless device.

A wireless headset designed for use in a wheelchair.

A headset designed to fit into a helmet, but not to be worn under a helmet.

A helmet that does not interfere with the sound transmission.

A battery-powered speaker, similar to the sound from a cellphone, that is designed to be paired with the wireless headset to amplify the sound.

The device will be available for purchase on March 7.

“Our goal is to make it easy for our customers to use the wireless headsets and wireless computers at home and at work to communicate, communicate and communicate with their friends and family,” said Matt Fiedler, a senior vice president at WalMart, in the statement.

“These new devices will enable us to offer our customers the best wireless experience possible.”

The announcement came as more than 30 people were hospitalized after falling from a bridge on Wednesday in Houston, where the latest spate of deaths has been reported.

WalMart says more than 3,600 of its employees have been hurt.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.