What is a PS4 headset?

Here is a link to the official PlayStation 4 headset page: https://support.sony.com/hc/en-us/articles/200502401-PS4-Headset-What-is-a-PS-4-headset-page The PS4 is an upgrade of the PS3 which includes new features such as the PlayStation Camera and more, but the new version has a lot of new things in the pipeline.

The PS3 has the PlayStation Eye which is a video camera which allows you to look at the game in the gamepad, and the PS Move, which allows for hands-free movement.

The Sony Smart Connected Play (PSP) feature allows you not only to play PS4 games but also PS3 games in the PS4’s own dedicated game library.

The PS4 and PS3 are available to buy through online retailers for around $500 US.