When VR Headsets Are Gone: A VR headset replacement

Valve’s SteamVR headset has been around since the release of the Steam Box in 2013, but the company hasn’t released much information about its VR capabilities since then.

But today Valve is giving some more information about the hardware it plans to offer.

While it’s not clear if Valve will offer a VR headset with its new VR headset, we do know that the company plans to launch a version of the headset with a high-end gaming mouse and keyboard.

In addition, Valve is looking to add a wireless charging adapter for VR headsets.

We’re hearing from sources that Valve plans to announce an updated version of its headset this summer, which could be made to run on a gaming mouse, but it’s unknown what exactly it will be like.

Valve is also considering using an “in-house” controller for VR, but that may not be a good idea in some cases.