When you buy an Alienware headset from a major retailer, you’ll get a Samsung Gear S3 model instead of the original Alienware one.

The headset from Alienware is now available on Amazon in the UK for around £300 ($400).

The new Alienware Gear S 3 model has been announced for the UK, but Amazon has a separate listing for the Samsung Gear 3 which is the model that’s being offered.

The Alienware website now offers a link to Amazon’s new listing for a Gear S 4 model which also includes a USB Type-C port.

This is the same version that’s been used in the Alienware Alienware One headset, although it’s been upgraded to include an HDMI port and a headphone jack.

Alienware has yet to make an official announcement regarding this model, although its listing on Amazon suggests that it’s available in March for around the same price as the original model.