When you think of the new SteelSeries gaming headset, the answer is probably a bit of both, says Steve Smith

By now, most of you have heard that the new Samsung Gear VR is set to launch in February, but that’s not all the new tech is going to bring to the table.

We’re told that SteelSeries is also going to release some pretty exciting gaming hardware as well.

According to a new report from the Australian Computer and Communications Industry Association, which is an industry group that represents companies like Google, Apple, Samsung, Razer, and Valve, Samsung is working on two different types of gaming headsets, the Samsung Gear S3 and the Samsung Galaxy S3.

One, a prototype of which was shown to attendees at CES, will be a fully fledged gaming headset that can handle a lot of VR and AR content, while the other, a cheaper prototype, is a more affordable headset that will work with Android phones.

The Samsung Gear 3 has been in development for a few years now, and according to the APIAA, the new headset is “designed for users of VR games and augmented reality,” with a “compelling VR experience.”

This isn’t a complete reversal of the Gear VR, which was originally designed for mobile phones, as the Galaxy S2 had a full VR experience and was also a VR headset.

The Gear 3 is reportedly going to be a little bit thinner and lighter than the Galaxy Note 3 and the Galaxy Nexus.

We don’t know if the new Gear 3 will be made for smartphones, as there’s no word on pricing for the Gear 3 yet, but if it is made for phones, we can expect it to be priced between $299 and $399, which should give the new device a solid gaming lineup.

We’ve also heard that Samsung is planning to announce more mobile VR headsets at Mobile World Congress this year.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast, you probably won’t be disappointed with the new products, as we can only imagine the kinds of content that users will want to get their hands on.

Samsung has already announced its new Android phones, but now it’s hoping that its developers will add more hardware to their VR lineup.

Samsung is also working on an Oculus Rift VR headset, and this seems to be just the beginning of the company’s VR plans.

If Samsung can build the right products for the right people, we’re sure that we’ll be hearing more about the new devices in the months to come.source Google News